Our Practice

A Caring Approach

Physical Therapy is a vocation we take very seriously. The staff at AgeWell has chosen the “Greatest Generation” as the population it wishes to serve well with their time and efforts. We demonstrate this calling by working tirelessly with you–to work with the whole person to control and eliminate your pain, treat your entire condition, spend One on One time with you at each visit, communicate with your doctor when appropriate, refer you to recommended medical professionals upon your request and treat you with the Dignity and Respect you deserve.

Our Facilities

Our handicapped accessible offices are located in Lake Success, Nassau County. All of our equipment has been chosen to be the most appropriate and effective for the geriatric population. To make our clients as comfortable as possible, our goal is to provide an environment in which our clients can succeed; this includes a sincere and caring staff, attractive interiors, pleasant music and visuals, comfortable temperatures and other amenities we hope will make you feel comfortable.

An Evidence-Based Practice.

Research is constant in physical and occupational therapy.T he latest studies are published and critiqued. The positive or negative results are presented. Studies either support and add to current treatment practices or challenge the current standard and open the door to discontinuing or modifying current treatment practice. Our practice, therefore, is constantly introducing and modifying current exercise and treatment programs.