Dr. Matthew Harrigan

Dr. Matthew Harrigan, DPT

Dr. Matthew Harrigan is a graduate of Columbia University’s Doctor of Physical Therapy Program. A life-long passion for health and fitness and for helping others led Matt to leave a successful publishing career to pursue physical therapy.

At Columbia, Dr. Harrigan concentrated on Adult Neuro Rehabilitation, Geriatrics, and home care. He completed his third-year specialization track in Adult NeuroRehabilitation. In order to broaden his knowledge of geriatric physical therapy, Dr. Harrigan used his final third-year clinical internship to work at the Visiting Nurse Service of New York as a home care physical therapist and at AgeWell Physical Therapy.

At New York-Presbyterian’s Milstein Hospital, Dr. Harrigan designed and constructed a portable physical therapy apparatus. The therapy staff used this to provide passive range of motion to patients with Guillain-Barré syndrome. The apparatus was used daily in the rehab clinic until the patient regained active range of motion.

Dr. Harrigan is a co-author of Interventions for Improving Quality of Life in the Frail Elderly, Kolodny R, McCoy C, Chan D, Harrigan M, Young A, which was published in the Journal of Geriatrics and presented at the 2014 American Physical Therapy Association combined sections meeting.

Recently, Dr. Harrigan accomplished a bicycle tour from Long Island NY, across the United States and Canada, to Seattle, Washington.

A husband and father of four children, Dr. Harrigan lives in Douglaston, Queens, where he also enjoys the hobby of beekeeping.