Joyce Anne M.

As my time comes to a close, I’m pleased to share my 3-month experience at this facility! I participated in P/T flowing a total hip replacement at the end of June. Unable to drive myself, it was to my surprise & delight that Agewell provided me with door-to-door pick up to and from each session. The 2 gents that drove me, Raphael & Barry were prompt, courteous, and always willing to listen to me babble en route! The 2 co-founders, John & Mark are bookends and always greet their clients by name. The entire staff works collaboratively, like a family, and this permeates throughout the environment. The receptionists, Mickey and Michael, always phone a day ahead to confirm your ride and are never frazzled should you need to cancel or reschedule. Don’t be mislead by the name; ANY age can participate in this gym! P.S. They have a large screen that displays beautiful photos from everywhere of everything! Oh, yes, the music is playing all the time with hits from different decades…the combination helps to focus on your specific task. I highly, highly recommend this place!